I/UCRC, which stands for Industry University Cooperative Research Center, is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded consortium of companies and universities working together on industry-relevant research in an emerging field.


Robots and Sensors for Human Well-being (ROSE-HUB) is a multi-university NSF I/UCRC focused on applied robotics and sensing research in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, material handling, transportation, manufacturing, energy, homeland security, and emergency preparedness and response. This is the only NSF I/UCRC focused on robotic and sensing technology. ROSE-HUB has completed Phase I and has just entered Phase II. WPI is a site of ROSE-HUB in Phase II, together with the University of Minnesota, University of Pennsylvania, and Clemson University.  

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The WPI ROSE-HUB site mission is to conduct member-oriented, multidisciplinary research on robotic and sensor systems augmented by computing and data analysis, to improve the safety, capability, and well-being of humans as workers, patients, and customers.