Exhibitor Guide

As an exhibitor, the most important part of ShowFest is watching people play your game and talking with them about the experience. All exhibitors are expected to be present in-person for the duration of the event.

This guide will step you through the components of the event (from an exhibitor’s standpoint), as well as some points you should follow to keep it running smoothly.

Project Listings

Take a moment to find and download your own project (if applicable) from the Projects page. Make sure your installation instructions are clear and concise, so that people can download and run any necessary files without much hassle.

Expo Tables

Similar to Alphafest, rooms 203 and 205 in the Innovation Studio are allocated as project showing space. All MQP’s and Graduate projects are required to be shown at Showfest! If you have any questions on this, you can reach out to gr-pax-iqp-2023-students@wpi.edu.

If you have a project that is not an MQP or Grad project, you can still show it! We have additional tables in the I&E space for showing projects on a first come first serve basis. Simply show up and set it up!

Also, keep in mind that many of the people playing games today are trying to fill their playtesting requirement – so have some way to collect their email addresses, so you can send them a message after the event (which they can then show their professor)!