Climate Stories as a Means of Increasing Public Participation in Climate Change Adaptation in Albania

Authors: Mark Bray; Kayla Legatt; Madison Perry; Bella Speer

Advisors: Robert Hersh; Robert Kinicki

Category: Undergraduate

This project assisted Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in collecting and sharing the climate stories of Albanians regarding floods in Shkodër and heat waves in Tirana. The project’s purpose was to help residents connect extreme weather events to climate change and encourage public participation in adaptation efforts. Our team conducted twenty-six interviews in Shkodër and Tirana and analyzed the interviews to find impactful stories. The interviews provided insight on the extent of awareness and adaptations to floods in Shkodër and heat waves in Tirana and revealed challenges that prevent effective adaptation. We developed Climate Cards, postcard-like card sets, for GIZ to use to drive conversation and action among residents about climate resiliency in Albania.

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