Stand Against COVID: building affordable ventilators + deploying robotic medical tele-ultrasonography for better healthcare.

Author: Jakub Tomasz Kaminski

Advisor: Haichong Kai Zhang

Category: Graduate

These projects are a response for the COVID-19 pandemic and address two areas: patient ventilation and medical imaging. The author designed and built a ventilator based on a BVM/Ambu bag and a robotic mechanism which is safe and ready for affordable mass production. The device provides basic ventilation modes and can be a temporary alternative to high-end equipment in a global ventilator shortage. Its design was discussed with doctors and mechanical ventilation specialists. Author’s work is fully voluntary and will be available OpenSource for any party interested in producing the device. Second project: (in progress)- Recent worldwide clinical practice has shown the importance of ultrasound for COVID-19 screening. Its is affordable, fast and shows lung structure changes at early disease stages. Unfortunately, it does require on-site ultrasound specialists and a direct contact with patients.
The author is working on a robotic ultrasound system for teleoperated lung ultrasound scanning which will be tested and manufactured in Poland and then used in a hospital in Nigeria. The device allows less-qualified personnel to connect with a specialist in a remote location and also reduce the overall exposure to the virus. The specialist controls a robot that has an ultrasound probe which slides over the patient surface. This project is sponsored by the WPI Medical FUSION Lab.

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