About WECE

Mission Statement

     Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering (WECE, and pronounced “we-see”) seeks to promote the enrollment and retention to women in Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s ECE department. WECE is a student-run organization with elected officers. WECE organizes events such as workshops, panel discussions, and social activities in order to achieve our mission. Meetings and smaller events are open to all students. Everyone who is supportive of our mission is encouraged to participate in meetings and events.


    WECE was organized by Professor Denise Nicoletti of the ECE Department in 1994. The club started out initially as twice a term meetings. Since then, the club has expanded, and does several social events and soldering workshops throughout the year. The WECE lounge was opened in March of 2003 in honor of the late Professor Denise Nicoletti, the founder of the WECE club. 

WECE Officers

Public Relations
Olivia Rockrohr

Alumni Chair
Vanessa Narciso

Bashima Islam

Vice President
Abigail Leonardi

   Member Outreach Chair
Sara Kelly

Alexandria Miera

Rachel Donati

   Internal Events Chair
Elisabeth Whittemore

Yasmine Aoua

External Events Chair
Alison Jarmoszko

WECE Lounge

    WECE is lucky to be one of only a handful of student run  WPI clubs to have their own dedicated club room. The purpose of this room is to provide a space for WECE to hold meetings, events, and for members to be able to network and work together. 

    Since 2003, there was a major renovation done in 2022 to improve the functionality of the room for WECE. Professor Donald Brown and Deborah Thompson were influential in the  direction of the renovation, working with WECE exec. This renovation included new furniture and appliances to make the room more functional for meetings, studying, and doing work.