Executive Board: 2022-2023

Harris Brancazio
Club President
Mechanical Engineering – 2024
As Club President, Harris leads the club and works closely with the MQP project team. Off campus, he enjoys
spending time on his boat, working on and driving his truck and motorcycles.
Amanda Lota
Vice President
Mechanical Engineering – 2025
As Vice President, Amanda helps lead the club alongside the President. She is also involved in Alpha Xi Delta, SWE, and goes research on campus. Outside of FSAE, she enjoys dancing, archery and embroidery.
Samuel Kierstead
Mechanical Engineering – 2024
As Treasurer, Sam is responsible for the club’s budget and competition logistics. When he is not working on club projects, he enjoys boating, hiking, woodcarving and 3D printing.
Camille Gipson
Mechanical Engineering – 2025
As Secretary, Camille is responsible for the communications within and outside the team. She is involved in Phi Sigma and the ski team. She enjoys the outdoors, working on cars and boats, and fencing.
Matthew Langkamp
Shop Coordinator
Robotics Engineering – 2022
As Shop Coordinator, Matt oversees all of our club projects. In his free time, he enjoys working on his truck and taking on a variety of his own side projects. He is also currently in pursuit of his Masters.
Ben Amado
Member Coordinator
Mechanical Engineering – 2022
As Member Coordinator, Ben handles the ins and outs of our club events. He is also a driver of an INEX Legend car at Seekonk Speedway, and is currently pursuing his Masters.

Officer Board: 2022-2023

Business Officers

Pari Mandalpu
Alumni Relations Director
Mechanical Engineering – ’25
Ben Perrin
Sponsorship Coordinator
Mechanical Engineering – ’25
Crystal Murray
Social Media Manager
Biomedical & Mechanical Engineering – ’23

Finance Officers

Eric Hughs-Baird
Competition Coordinator
Electrical & Computer Engineering, Computer Science – ’25
Lorenzo Reetz
Merchandise Coordinator
Management Engineering – ’26

Shop Officers

Sean Obert
Vice President
Mechanical Engineering – ’26
Quinn DeBre
Workspace Manager
Mechanical Engineering – ’25
Jake Herzberg
Workspace Manager
Mechanical Engineering – ’26

Membership Officers

Adam Reed
Member Educator
Electrical & Computer Engineering – ’26
Alessia Kodhimaj
Events Coordinator
Mechanical Engineering – ’24