The Metal Processing Institute (MPI) at Worcester Polytechnic Institute is a leading industry-university alliance dedicated to advancing the field of materials science. Through research in the areas of metal casting, heat treating, and resource recovery and recycling, MPI has earned awards, recognition, breakthrough patents, and industry accolades.

Working together, industry leaders and university researchers solve business challenges and improve manufacturing processes that save energy, reduce cycle time, increase productivity, and eliminate environmental waste.


Battery Resourcers Yan Wang Eric Gratz Diran Apelian February 2017


MPI trio starts business recycling lithium-ion batteries.  

A venture, started by MPI founder, Diran Apelian, Professor Yan Wang and WPI graduate student Eric Gratz uses a patented technique that recycles any size or shape lithium-ion battery, of any cathode chemistry, and tailors the composition of the final product into new cathode material for reuse in consumer electronic products.  It’s a sustainable solution that’s good for businesses, as well as the environment.  Read the full article on

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