The Netzsch Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer STA 449 F3 Corrosive Version is now fully operational in the new CHTE laboratory.  This versatile instrument is for in-situ nitriding, carburizing, oxidizing, etc. and for highly controlled heat treatment.  Calorimetry is especially well suited for detecting phase transformation.  This instrument is the corrosive version and is compatible with aggressive gases. Some other highlights include:

  • Small furnace combined with a highly sensitive balance.
  • Corrosive Version – Reactive atmospheres like C2H2, H2, CO, NH3.
  • In-situ monitoring of mass changes (thermogravimetry) and release/consumption of energy (calorimetry). Temperature range RT to 1600°C; cooling/heating rate up to 50°C/min.

Also, new and fully operational is the TA Instruments DIL 805-A/D Quenching Dilatometer with three different gas systems, argon, helium and nitrogen. The system is equipped with a deformation module for thermomechanical testing and a cryostat for controlled sub-zero treatment down to -150°C. Some other highlights include:

  • Cooling/heating rates up to 4000°C/sec.
  • Temperatures up to 1700°C
  • Easy determination of thermal behavior (viz. construction of CCT & TTT diagrams)

Additionally, we have direct access to an industrial R & D vacuum furnace for process development and testing. The furnace is capable of temperatures up to 1300°C and is equipped with N2 and Ar for quenching and for providing an active process atmosphere if required.


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