MPI has access to a full complement of materials engineering and processing facilities including x-ray fluorescence, melting and casting laboratories, imaging and sensing, and thermal processing.

The Institute has Centers in metal casting; thermal processing; imaging and sensing; and recovery and recycling of metals. The Institute is supported by over 90 corporate partners, as well as funding from private foundations and the federal government. During the last decade MPI has developed into one of the nation’s premiere research centers dedicated to metal processing.

MPI is staffed with a highly qualified group of research scientists and post-doctoral fellows. It is fully equipped with melting furnaces, including electrical and induction furnaces, heat-treating furnaces, rotary degassers, an Alscan unit, a reduced pressure testing unit, a spectrograph, and optical and scanning electron microscopes equipped with energy dispersive x-ray analysis capabilities and image analysis capabilities. In addition, MPI has all the necessary mechanical testing equipment including Universal testing machines with temperature chambers, fatigue testing machines, as well as impact, toughness, hardness and micro hardness measuring equipment.

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