June 9, 2018 10AM - 4PM
at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Rain or Shine!
Free and open
to the public.


Activities and locations are subject to change. For detailed information about exhibits and activities, specific locations, and to create your schedule, download the TouchTomorrow app!

updated June 5, 2017

2018 map and details coming soon!

Aldrich Astronomical Society: Lift Off to Learning – Science in Action!
Exploring your solar system and beyond! Activities include Make a Comet, Solar Spectra Viewing, Rockets, Astrophotography, and more!

ArtReach: “Drawing UP!” and Gyotaku
Draw a cube, a triangle, a truck, a flower, or one of a few other items that can easily be drawn 3-dimensionally in just a couple of minutes with 3-D pens that are easy to use. The pens use a spool fed filament system, so you could create two or three hundred pieces of art, per pen, at a time. GYOTAKU came about in Japan, its origin is in the fishing industry, and we will show the science connection, and how it has become a beautiful art form. There is a fish printing part where participants will pull mono-prints from a real fish, and take the print home with them.

Bancroft School and Bancroft Summer Programs
Drive robots engineered and designed by our award winning Robodog Robotics team!

Barnes & Noble: Ozobots & Spheros – Coding is EASY & FUN!
Can you code an Ozobot or talk to a Sphero? Coding is Easy and Fun! Stop by and we’ll show you how. Use these robots to learn line, flash, and program coding in minutes.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central MA/Metrowest: MySTEM – Mentoring Youth in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Learn more about MySTEM, a program that provides STEM activity ideas and kits, site programs, traveling demonstrations, and partnerships with STEM corporations an professionals to support the work of BBBS and ensure children from all backgrounds have the chance to thrive in STEM.

Burncoat Robotics
Drive and operate various robots to short balls, frisbees, and other objects into goals.

Charles River Labs: Applications of Mouse Embryology
Discover how rodent embryology is integral to different to many fields in biomedical industry.

c-Link Systems, Inc.: Forager-W Farm-Vac
See and operate a full-sized autonomous robotic vehicle with 5-axis arm.

David Clark Company Incorporated: The Red Bull Stratos Suit on Display
David Clark Company Inc. (DCCI) is the world leader in headsets for military, marine and general aviation and specializes in communication solutions for any high-noise environment. Our Worcester, MA facility has been manufacturing headsets and communication systems for over half a century. Pilots, both civilian and military, fire departments, coastal interdiction personnel, NASA, and many other government customers are very familiar with the high quality, durability, and serviceability of our products.

Launch a pterosaur into the air! Create and decorate a paper pterosaur and then launch it into the air at the EcoTarium booth and learn more about the EcoTarium’s Saurus-sational summer! And, design your own inventions with Imagination Playground big blue blocks!

Fay School Innovation Lab
Fay School’s Design, Technology and Innovation Teacher will demonstrate how cams (rotating or sliding pieces in a mechanical linkage) function using automata (a machine that follows a set of prescribed directions, such as a jack-in-the-box). Different shapes of cams will be on display to show how the shape can impact movement and functioning, and students will be able to take away their own instructions to construct a simple cam-based automaton.

FIRST Robotics Team 1100
Meet students from the Algonquin High School FIRST team, take control of their robots, and feel the excitement of FIRST Robotics!

GE Healthcare Life Sciences: GE Healthcare Engineering Challenge
Attendees, or small groups of attendees, will be faced with designing a zip line which can carry a ping pong ball from the top to the bottom of the zip line.

Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts: Super Static Electricity
Come visit the Girl Scouts and take part in some hands-on fun with static electricity!

Gordon Library: Space Exploration Through Time: Past, Present, and Future
The Gordon Library’s exhibit will provide activities that will allow the audience to explore the past present and future of space through flip charts and graffiti walls as well as comet and planet creations.

Imagination Playground
Imagination Playground is an innovative playground equipment system that transforms any space — schools, children’s museums, parks and recreation, daycare centers, camps, hospitals, churches — into a play space that encourages learning, social development, movement, and above all fun.

iRobot: Cool and Practical Robots
Come see our robots up close, learn some of the jobs they do, and meet some of the people who design and build them.

Laboratory Robotics Interest Group
TouchTomorrow is brought to you in part, through the generosity of LRIG, an organization committed to providing and facilitation instruction for self-development and the benefit of the laboratory automation community.

Mass Academy of Math and Science
Drive the TEAM 190 robot or participate in a fun, hands-on STEM activity at the Mass Academy booth.

Mass. Digital Games Institute: Game on with MassDigi!
Playtest games with us! Our summer interns are making games and they need your help to test them.

Massachusetts 4-H Program: UMass Extension 4-H Science
Come learn about what 4-H has to offer and join in the fun with this year’s recycled computer parts spin art project making STEM become STEAM.

Massachusetts State Police
Interact with the State Police K9 Unit and see explosive detection and disposal robots up close and personal.

Molly Bish Center
Receive fingerprint and photo ID-safety kits for your children. Learn more about the science behind fingerprinting and the growth of bones and teeth.

NASA: Game Changing Development
Interactive activity that simulates how it feels for astronauts to work in space.

NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador Program: The Grand Finale: Cassini Huygens 
Come Learn about the Cassini Hygens’s final journey to Saturn!

NCSSS Student Research Conference Project Demonstration
Students from top STEM high schools around the country will showcase projects as part of the 2017 National NCSSS Student Research Conference. The NCSSS is the National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools, an organization of more than 100 of the top STEM high schools in the nation, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

Petricore, Inc.
Come play the latest games that Petricore is working on, learn about digital game development, and talk with the programmers and artists that make all the magic happen.

Quinsigamond Community College: STEM at QCC
3-D printer demo; science experiments and free college giveaways.

Rethink Robotics: Learn to Train Sawyer
Have fun teaching Rethink Robotic’s Sawyer cobot to accomplish tasks. Sawyer’s Train by Demonstration capabilities make teaching this robot so easy anyone can do it, even kids!

Robotics Education & Competition Foundation
Elementary school, middle school, high school, and college robotics teams are now available through the VEX IQ Challenge, VEX Robotics Competition and VEX U experience. Teams compete all season long for a chance to qualify for the VEX Robotics World Championship. Student form teams in the summer and fall to design, build and program a robot for competition. Visit our exhibit to learn about the latest game challenges, find out how to start a team of your own, and drive a robot!

Shawmut Design & Construction: Virtual & Augmented Reality to Build
This Exhibit will showcase how VR and Mixed Reality can be used to build spaces around us. hands on experience to learn more about the technology.

Shrewsbury Montessori School: Student-Designed Video Games and Circuits
Interact with projects created by students at Shrewsbury Montessori School. Play with student-designed Android apps and computer games, watch animated programs, and turn on artwork made with paper circuits. Try your hand at building circuits using just play dough, LED lights, and a battery pack.

Smartnick Method: World-Class Math Education from Home
Smartick is an online math learning method for children 4 to 14 years old. Supported by the European Union, Smartick’s propietary artificial intelligence adapts to your child’s learning style. Students progress at their own pace, building self-confidence, avoiding frustration, and developing a positive attitude to math.

STEM Beginnings
Ignite your child’s passion for STEM at an early age. Visit STEM beginnings to learn more and have fun with hands-on engineering with blocks.

The Discovery Museums
Experience table-top versions of the many hands-on STEM based exhibits you can find inside the Discovery Museums in Acton.

The Learning Hub
Join The Learning Hub on our quest to prove the Laws of Motion with our Marshmallow Catapults. A few simple steps and you’ll be ready to teach your friends about Sir Issac Newton’s Laws of Motion with a catapult battle! Want to volunteer for a non-profit? The Learning Hub is signing up volunteers to join the team! Pass by the table and say, “hello!”

The PVC Pirates, Team 1058
We are the PVC Pirates, a robotics team from Londonderry High School in New Hampshire. At our exhibit, we will be demonstrating two of our robots, one of which shoots giant yoga balls. This is a fun exhibit for children to interact with and for everyone to see the technology behind our robots!

The T.E.C. Schools
Come check out our Grape Crusher and use STEM principles to design and build your own structure to protect a grape from being smashed in our Grape Crusher! Ask us about our hands-on STEM Summer Programs, After School Enrichment, and Elementary School.

Toysinbox 3D Printing: Fun with 3D Printing & 3D Scanning
3D printing is the future. Come to our booth to learn about it in a fun way. In our exhibit, we will show different types of 3D printers. Visitors can try our 3d printers to print a cute small 3D object that you take home. If time permits, visitors can try our 3D photo booth and get 3D scanned. Capture this moment in 3D forever! Lots of 3D printed colorful and fun objects on display. In addition, we will share with educators how to teach a 3D printing & 3D modeling class.

U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development & Engineering Center (NSRDEC): The Science Behind the Soldier
The mission of the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC) is to provide the Army with innovative science and technology solutions to optimize the performance of our Soldiers. The scientists, engineers, technologists and equipment designers at the NSRDEC work to provide a wide range of capabilities to the Soldier including field feeding and life support systems, clothing, precision airdrop systems, and ballistic, chemical and laser-protection systems. The NSRDEC exhibit will be an interactive display of demonstrations, information and activities that provide the Soldier’s perspective and demonstrate the ongoing efforts at the NSRDEC to optimize Soldier performance.

Worcester Art Museum: Knights and More: Arms and Armor Activity
Learn how mail and plate armor protected knights of long ago and try some on for size at the Worcester Art Museum’s popular arms and armor activity.

Worcester Historical Museum: Worcester and its Role in Space!
Learn more about Worcester’s rich history, including its very important role of getting us to space!

Worcester Public Library: WPL – Helping ALL Children Build STEM Skills
Try your hand at basic coding with Code n Go programmable mice.

WPI Alumni: Alumni Welcome Tent
Flying a high performance sailplane (a glider, no engine) requires that the pilot have a detailed knowledge of the dynamics of the atmosphere, thermal generation and characteristics, wind patterns, the effects of surface features on the wind and thermals, and how to optimally fly a glider so that long distances and flight durations can be achieved.

WPI and Greater Boston Soaring Club: Applied STEM–High Performance Glider Flying
Alumni and kids–pick up your free WPI buttons, color a TouchTomorrow picture, do a Silly Story, and enter our Flat Gompei Class Notes Contest!

<strongWTS-Boston: WTS-Boston’s Transportation YOU
Come make paper airplanes, both classic designs and unusual models, with WTS-Boston’s Transportation YOU program! We will provide basic instructions, suggestions for modifications, and materials. In true engineering fashion, kids can observe the flight of their plane and then make modifications to try to increase the distance it travels.