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Mixing Mastered
Exhibit Type: Hands-on Exhibit
Ages:  All Ages
Location:  Concourse 1 – Concession Side
Presented by:  Physics; Dr. Kun-Ta Wu
Discipline(s):  Engineering, Food, Physics, Science

Mixing is everywhere in our everyday life from baking a birthday cake in the kitchen to making a cup of coffee in the morning. Have you wondered how all these mixings work? What is the best way of performing mixing? From the perspective of physics, mixing is a repeated process of stretching and folding. Think about mixing milk to the coffee. You need a spoon to stir the coffee, but what does stirring really mean? When you stir, you create flows and currents in the fluid, which stretches the fluid. Then, the fluid gets chaotic, which folds the fluid onto itself over and over on a tiny scale. Hence, while you were stirring the coffee to blend it with the milk, what you actually did was to stretch and fold the coffee-milk complex fluid until the fluid is uniform.

In this activity, we will demonstrate the essence of mixing through an activity of blending a couple of colored dough balls. You will learn how blending these balls can be accomplished by simply following the fundamental actions of mixing processes repeatedly.

Are Fluids Soft or Hard?
Exhibit Type: Hands-on Exhibit
Ages:  All Ages
Location:  Concourse 1 – Concession Side
Presented by:  Physics; Dr. Kun-Ta Wu
Discipline(s):  Engineering, Physics, Science, STEM

Liquid is the material state whose shape depends on the container; on the other hand, solid material has a specific shape that resists the external force-induced deformation. Most of the time, we can tell if the material is liquid or solid by examining its response to external force. However, can you think of a material that can be both liquid and solid at the same time depending on how you interact with the material? In this hands-on activity, we will guide you to make a material that is between liquid and solid. When you gently and slowly poke the material, it is fluid like water but when you poke it hard and fast, it is elastic like a solid material. This material is categorized as a non-Newtonian fluid. In this activity, you will learn how non-Newtonian fluid behaves differently from conventional Newtonian fluid.

Acknowledgement: Kun-Ta Wu acknowledges the support from National Science Foundation (CBET-2045621)

Physics in Motion
Exhibit Type: Demonstration
Ages:  All Ages
Location:  Concourse 2 – Field Side
Presented by:  Physics; Dr. Rudra Kafle
Discipline(s):  Physics

When objects move in a special environment, their behaviors can be different from what we think. For example, when a magnet moves in a metallic tube, it falls significantly slower than a free fall as if it is defying gravity. We will demonstrate some physical phenomena associated with the objects in motion.

Interactive Doctor for a Day
Ages:  All Ages
Location:  Concourse 3 – Field Side
Presented by:  Boston Scientific
Discipline(s):  Biology, Engineering, Science, Technology

pH and Water Chemistry
Ages:  Elementary School (K-5), Middle School (6-8)
Location:  Concourse 4 – Field Side
Presented by:  Concord Water & Sewer
Discipline(s):  Chemistry, Engineering, Science

pH is an important water chemistry parameter for drinking water treatment and for wastewater treatment. Exhibit looks at and experiments with pH for common household substances.

LEGO Mindstorm Robots with the Library
Ages:  Middle School (6-8)
Location:  Concourse 5 – Concession Side
Presented by:  Worcester Public Library
Discipline(s):  Computer Science, Robots

Worcester Public Library has lots of free coding, tech and STEM programs for kids and teens! Come see a demo of our Lego robots in action. Learn about the block coding used to bring them to life!

Circuit Lab: Interactive Circuitry Classes For Kids
Ages:  Elementary School (K-5)
Location:  Concourse 6 – Field Side
Presented by:  Circuit Lab
Discipline(s):  Computer Science, Engineering, Robots

Circuit Lab is a local company that teaches electronics and computer programming classes for kids ages 5 to 14. Since 2015, we have offered classes at a variety of schools and recreation departments around Massachusetts.  Come see what our innovative programs are all about, learn about upcoming class locations, and play with our interactive demonstration projects!

Ages:  All Ages
Location:  Concourse 6 – Concession Side
Presented by:  SolidWorks
Discipline(s): 3D Design, Computer Aided Design, 3D modeling, Design Process

Learn about tools you can use to introduce young creatives to the world of 3D modeling, 3D design, and how you can be part of their journey.

Ages:  Elementary School (K-5)
Location:  Concourse 6 – Concession Side
Discipline(s):  Engineering

How easy is it to build a tower or a bridge or a house?  What if you only had 50 blocks?  What if every piece of block is exactly the same size and shape? You can’t use any connector, glue, or tape. Just blocks!  Follow the Engineering Design Process to solve different building challenges using Kapla blocks:  a tower that is at least 12 inches high; a house with at least 2 rooms; a staircase; a dome; a bridge; and more!  Creativity + Ingenuity will be at work, as children build and create these awesome structures!

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University
Ages:  All Ages
Location:  Concourse 7 – Field Side
Presented by:  Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University
Discipline(s):  Animals, Biology, Engineering

Introduction to the world of veterinary medicine from the only veterinary school in New England.

Pollinator Power with Tower Hill Botanic Garden
Ages:  Elementary School (K-5)
Location:  Concourse 7 – Concession Side
Presented by:  Tower Hill Botanic Garden
Discipline(s):  Animals, Biology, Science

Explore the relationship between flowers and pollinators through hands-on activities and science investigations. Learn about the importance of pollinators and what dangers they are facing. Study flower and insect specimens, play pollination games, and plant your own native flowers to provide food and shelter for pollinators in your neighborhood.

Kosmic Kelly
Ages:  Elementary School (K-5)
Location:  Concourse 8 – Field Side
Presented by:  Hands on Science with Kosmic Kelly
Discipline(s):  Chemistry

Fizzy rainbow volcanoes, gaseous bubbling beakers, disappearing marbles and more!

Reach Across the Stars with NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory
Ages:  All Ages
Location:  Concourse 9 – Concession Side
Presented by:  NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Center
Discipline(s):  3D Printing, Science, Space

It takes a lot of energy to make an X-ray wave or photon. NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory detects X-ray emission from the scenes of explosions and collisions in space such as colliding black holes, galaxies and neutron stars, matter falling into black holes, and exploding stars. Come to the Chandra X-ray Observatory exhibit to learn how space satellites talk to their controllers and send data back to Earth. Through screen based hologram technology, explore the insides of stunning clouds of gas and dust left over from exploding stars. Explore the many ways we can translate this data of our high energy Universe – into pictures, holograms, 3D models, even music!

Home Run Derby
Ages:  All Ages
Location:  Concourse 9 – Concession Side
Presented by:  Worcester Red Sox
Discipline(s):  Sports, Technology

How many home runs can you hit in 90 seconds?!  Experience what it is like to be up to bat at Fenway Park using Oculus Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headsets!  Will you knock it out of the park?

104-5 XLO
Ages:  All Ages
Location:  Concourse 9 – Concession Side
Discipline(s):  Music

Join 104-5 XLO, the official Radio Sponsor of TouchTomorrow for Music, Games and Prizes!

Engineering is Everywhere
Ages:  High School (9-12)
Location:  Concourse 9/10 – Field Side
Presented by:  University of Massachusetts Lowell 
Discipline(s):  3D Printing ,Aerospace Physics, Space, Sports, Sustainability, STEM

Today’s Engineers design the world and keep it running. Tomorrow Engineers will transform it. As an Engineering student, you get to re-awaken that “sense of wonder” we all had as a child. Dare to dream, endeavor to accomplish and achieve…..stop by and learn about Engineering opportunities at UMASS Lowell.

Engineering in Baseball
Ages:  All Ages
Location:  Concourse 9/10 – Field Side
Presented by:  University of Massachusetts Lowell Baseball Research Center
Discipline(s):  Engineering, Sports

The UMass Lowell Baseball Research Center is a Center of Excellence for the Science and Engineering of Baseball for both experimental and analytical methods. Founded in 1999, the Center has worked to educate students in the field of Sports Engineering, while engaging with Sports Leagues and Associations and Sporting Goods Manufacturers to advance the scientific understanding and state of the art of sports equipment. The exhibit will showcase some of the engineering processes used to research and evaluate baseball equipment for leagues and allow participants to understand the science of the sports equipment they use in games.

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard – Underwater ROV Exhibit
Ages:  Elementary and Middle School (K-8)
Location:  Concourse 10 – Concession Side
Presented by:  Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
Discipline(s):  Engineering

Join the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (PNS) volunteers as we explore the various types of buoyancy through challenges and testing of underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). SeaPerch is an innovative program which leads students through the building and testing of a small, underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV). The SeaPerch program provides students with a hands-on learning experience which incorporates robotics, engineering, science, and mathematics. PNS will have a tank with ROVs ready for you to test drive as well as a variety of boat building challenges.

Our Ocean. Our planet. Our future
Ages:  Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12)
Location:  Concourse 10 – Concession Side
Presented by:  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Participate with hands-on experiments and learn about the ocean science and engineering that goes on at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). WHOI is the world’s largest independent organization dedicated exclusively to ocean research, engineering, and education. Its mission: to drive discovery and advance understanding of the ocean and its benefits to human society and the planet.

SPOT the Robot
Ages:  All Ages
Location:  Concourse 11 – Field Side
Presented by:  Boston Dynamics
Discipline(s):  Engineering, Robots

Come see Boston Dynamics’ Spot the Robot in action. Kids can inspect and handle some robot parts, interact with our engineers, and watch videos of many robots in action.

Our Mission: To imagine and create exceptional robots that enrich people’s lives.


LEGO Magnetic Levitation Cars
Ages:  All Ages
Location:  Concourse 12 – Field Side
Presented by:  LEtGO Your Mind STEM Programs
Discipline(s):  Engineering, Science, Technology

Children will build LEGO Maglev cars. Then race them down an eight foot magnetic track.

Human Shaped Spacecraftt
Ages:  All Ages
Location: Concourse 13 – Field Side
Presented by:  David Clark Company
Discipline(s): Aerospace Engineering, Space, Technology

David Clark Company designs and manufactures space suits and other aerospace crew protective equipment for NASA, the USAF and the emerging commercial spaceflight industry. Try on space suit helmets, gloves and other components, and meet and learn from David Clark engineers and designers. Learn about why a space suit is far more than just clothing for extreme environments, but truly a human shaped spacecraft!

Boo Bubbles
Ages:  All Ages
Location:  Concourse 13 – Field Side
Presented by:  Battelle – NEON
Discipline(s):  Animals, Biology, Science

I will be using dry ice to make “Boo bubbles” as a way to talk about how we use CO2 to catch mosquitoes as part of our research.

Chemistry Enables Electronics
Ages:  All Ages
Location:  Concourse 15 – Field Side
Presented by:  DuPont/E&I Marlborough
Discipline(s):  Chemistry

Believe it or not, you have some of the same technology in your phone as the Perseverance rover on Mars! The electronics devices you use every day like your cell phone include a lot of high-tech materials made by DuPont Electronics. This sounds very complicated, but some materials are actually based on a chemical process involving photo sensitive chemistry and materials.

(updated 3/24/2022)