Cynthia Woehrle – Airport Hill Triptych

Cynthia Woehrle

(Staff Submission)

Theme: Before, During, and After

Medium: Oil on Panel

Artist Statement:

Airport Hill Triptych is inspired by a field on the west side of Worcester. This location has served as my local destination for panoramic views of sunrises, sunsets, and star gazing. Before COVID this place evoked feelings of comfort, familiarity and inspiration. Those associations are now unsettled, the familiar gone, as we discover a new normal.
During COVID the world is unsettled. COVID is not the distant storm, COVID is the sky, the trees and the earth and surrounds us in surreal colors, matted muddy fields and clouds. We face the sunset counting the nights, days, and weeks. How much longer will it be until the sunrises after COVID and familiar places once again have blue skies?
2:10 PM