Congratulations to our winners!

Artists respond to, reflect, and help to produce the world that we live in, and in doing so, provide different ways to understand our own experiences. Likewise, making art asks people to process their experiences in ways that are communal, shared, and public. As part of WPI’s Arts and Science Week, we invited art from our community, and we are delighted to showcase that art and celebrate the winners and runners up in 4 categories: visual arts, performance, craft-based arts, and creative writing.

Camryn Berry - Connecting....

Grand Prize 

  • Camryn Berry (student), “Connecting….”— grand prize winner
    • theme:  Communication in a Virtual World

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  • Elizabeth Long: Lingo (assistant professor), “My garden withstands the storms” — winner
    • theme: Identity, Agency, and Optimism in a Pandemic

Creative Writing  

  • Nasim Mansuri (student), “Company” — winner
    • theme: Alone Together 
  • Karen Sharp (staff), “Other Voices”—honorable mention
    • theme: Ourselves in the World


  • Ali Saeed (student), “Fly Away” — winner
    • theme: Community in Isolation 
  • Group music Slow Grass (alumni), “Bossa Dorado” — honorable mention
    • theme: Human Connection in a Virtual World

Visual Arts 

  • Hannah Miller (student), “Quarantine” — winner
    • theme: Home 
  • Patricia Bergmann (staff), “Dreaming” — winner
    • theme: Art and Creativity in the Time of Covid,  
  • Cynthia Woehrle (staff),  , “Airport Hill Triptych” –- honorable mention
    • theme: Before, During, and After 
  • Alexandra Meraz (student), Untitled — honorable mention
    • theme of Identity Agency and Optimism in a Pandemic 
  • Natalie Milgram (student), untitled — honorable mention
    • theme: Before, During, and After 
  • Abigail Rauch (student), Untitled — honorable mention
    • theme of Empathy in Challenging Times