Hannah Miller – Quarantine

Hannah Miller - Quarentine

(Student Submission)

Theme: Home

Medium: Digital Illustration

Artist Statement:

For this piece, I chose to focus on the theme of ‘Home’ during the Covid-19 pandemic. What home means has shifted dramatically for everyone in many different ways during these last few months. For some, home has become an office, while others are reconsidering what a home means on a greater scale.  Home is now an uncomfortable place for most. Being stuck home with no end in sight, working many hours a week, or the constant influx of new information has led many to feel like they are drowning. We are all struggling in unique ways, and social media allows this struggle to be shared. It often feels as  though everything is on display for onlookers- much like an aquarium. We are all in this collectively, and many of our struggles, while they may be different, are universal. Nobody is going through this alone.