Lesley McGee – Untitled

(Staff Submission)

Theme: Ourselves in the World

Artist Statement:

I have made collages for many years and this is my piece exploring the theme of “ourselves in the world.” The backdrop of the collage is my bedroom floor, where I have spent countless hours. My bedroom is my world at this point. Pictures are oriented in different ways and the overall shape of the piece is asymmetrical and imperfect and because that’s how I felt sometimes- untethered and mixed-up and raw. The color scheme for is mostly brown and earth tones because my COVID world strengthened my connection to my Black identity (including my family-who is at the center) and the earth. Even though I’m limited to this room and this house- I felt infinite whenever I stood in the presence of mother nature. Despite this COVID paradigm shift- the collective pieces of my loved ones, my community, and mother nature made me feel home.