Aerospace Materials and Structures Lab

Aerospace Structures and Materials Laboratory

Welcome to Prof. Karanjgaokar’s research group webpage.

The is a part of the aerospace engineering program at WPI. Our research focuses on experimental mechanics at micro/nanoscale, temperature and rate dependent mechanics and damage of advanced materials, dynamic behavior of materials and mechanics and fracture of heterogeneous materials using full-field optical measurement techniques.

The design and optimization of microstructure of structural materials requires a thorough understanding of the mechanisms controlling their mechanical behavior. The interplay between temperature, strain rate and microstructure plays a major role in the mechanics and failure of novel materials. This complex interaction can be resolved using rich experimental data obtained through accurate and repeatable full-field measurements using optical microscopy, x-ray tomography, electron microscopy and thermography. Such experimental data provide the unique opportunity to model the mechanical response of materials and validate multi-scale modeling strategies. The validation of theory through application of inverse methods to model experimental results and the development of new mathematical models describing the mechanical response can provide great insight in design and optimization for new materials.


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