5 Advantages of Cognitive Radio

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When it comes to cognitive radio, there are more advantages than people may think. It is essential for those involved with cognitive radio to understand why it is important, and how it affects where the future is going.

Here are my top five advantages of cognitive radio…

Cognitive radio helps:

1. Overcome radio spectrum scarcitycognitive-radio-icon

How?  By sensing spectrum utilization (irrespective of channel allocation), cognitive radios can broadcast on unused radio spectrum, while still avoiding interference with the operation of the primary licensee.

2. Avoid intentional radio jamming scenarios

How? By sensing channel availability and even predicting the jammer’s tactics , cognitive radios can evade jamming by dynamically and preemptively switching to higher quality channels.

3. Switch to power saving protocol

How?  By switching to protocols that trade off lower power consumption for lower bandwidth, cognitive radios conserve power when slower data rates suffice.

4. Improve satellite communications

How?  By predicting rain fade and reconfiguring transmitters/receivers for optimum bandwidth, cognitive radios improve communication quality when and where the information is needed most. 

5. Improves quality of service (QoS)

How? By sensing environmental and inadvertent man-made radio interferences, cognitive radios can select frequency channels with a higher Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR).

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  1. Kristi Peek says:

    Thanks for sharing this nice information with the title of 5 Advantages of Cognitive Radio

  2. kegorton says:

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    Kate Gorton
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  3. Reshma says:

    Plz can you tell me what will happen when cognitive radio network stop sensing or it may janm ,
    What will happen at that time information transmition is not possible in emergencies.
    What is the solution for it..?

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