Conservation. Efficiency. Renewable energy. When you think about power, these buzzwords undoubtedly come to mind.

money_bulb-01People today are more conscious than ever of the resources they use on a daily basis. We drive cars with better mileage and buy appliances that use less water and electricity. We shut off lights when we leave the room and opt for more efficient bulbs when the lights go out for good.

We know that greater efficiency means more savings for us, and a happier planet, but we didn’t always embrace this way of life as a nation. Where did the crusade for energy efficiency begin, and where do we go from here?

In his latest eBook, US Energy Policy: Results and Trends, power-systems expert and CPE director Michael Ahern explores the past, present, and future of American energy policy, with some surprises along the way. We learn what caused the shift toward greater efficiency and the effects—both positive and problematic—the change has had on the power industry, consumers, and the environment. Ahern also outlines some simple ways we can all contribute to a more efficient world.

This quick, fascinating read is available for free.
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