Pom Poms & Power Systems – Gateway Scholar Spotlight

Welcome to the Gateway Scholar Spotlight SeriesWPI Online recently launched the Gateway Scholarship, which is awarded each year to 5 of our online, part-time graduate students. This series will introduce you to the award winners: working professionals who are pursuing their educational goals through WPI Online while juggling career, family, and more.

At the center of a Venn Diagram of The New England Patriots and Power Systems, there sits Jenna Cloutier. When she isn’t performing her duties as an Electrical Engineer at Eversource Energy, she’s getting Patriots fans psyched from the sidelines.

That’s right: Jenna is both an engineer and a professional cheerleader.

“I’ve been a cheerleader almost my entire life,” she says. “I’ve won many national championship titles. I am now living out my dream as a Patriots Cheerleader.”

Between her day job and her gig with the Patriots, Jenna is also pursuing her Master of Science degree in Power Systems Management through WPI Online, and it’s a real juggling act. “Having a full-time job as well as two part-time jobs, the flexibility and convenience of completing my degree online makes it possible to further my education,” she says.

Jenna says receiving the Gateway Scholarship is also a huge help. “It is extremely appreciated and will help me finish my degree earlier than anticipated without as much stress.”

And as an engineer, Jenna knows the value of doing your research and finding the best program. “[WPI] is a great institute with an impressive reputation—especially in my field of interest.”

“It is a great honor to have received the scholarship!”




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