Monteverde Projects



In 2018, WPI began working directly in Monteverde to sponsor projects with local partners there. For our first year we worked with three sponsors, The Bellbird Biological Corridor, CORCLIMA, and Vision to Reality Ltd. In 2019 We worked with CORCLIMA, Bajo del Tigre Reserve, Monteverde Community Fund, among others. All project are listed below.

2022  (Profs. Sarah Strauss)

Educational Resources for Improving Alternative Currency 

Monteverde Wholefoods Women’s Empowerment Mode

Developing Waymarking Signs for the Sendero Pacifico

Developing Online and Community Based Fundraising Strategies for Fundo Comunitario

Developing a Framework for Safe Hiking Culture Along the Sendero Pacífico

Compact House Revolution in Monteverde, Costa Rica

2021  (Profs. Sarah Strauss and Melissa Belz)

Developing a Digital Marketplace for the Sendero Pacífico Communities  (World Trails Network)

Supporting Youth in Monteverde ( Fondo Comunitario Monteverde)

Improving Monteverde’s Newly Implemented Local Currency Program (ENLACE Monteverde)

Developing a Virtual Tour for the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve

Building Conservation Partnerships in Costa Rica(Centro Científico Tropical)

Developing a Public Transportation App in Monteverde, Costa Rica (CORCLIMA)

2020  (Advisors: Professors Peet and San Martín)

Improving Emergency Preparedness in Monte Verde Costa Rica

Empowering Community Trail Development Along the Sendero Pacífico (World Trails Network)

Developing a Plan for a Comprehensive Sidewalk System in Monteverde, Costa Rica (CORCLIMA)

Developing a Conceptual Design for a Solid Waste Transfer Center in Monteverde, Costa Rica  (ASADA)

Conveying the Impact of the Monteverde Community Fund

Trail Maintenance and Shinrin-Yoku in Santa Elena Reserve

2019 (Advisors: Professors Kurlanska and Belz)

Designing a Plan for Composting Toilets for CORCLIMA

Designing a Master Plan for Bajo Del Tigre Conservation Area

Developing a Monteverde Urban Trail for the Sendero Pacifico (World Trails Network)

Promoting a Travelers’ Philanthropy Program for the MCF ( Fondo Comunitario Monteverde)

Developing an Association for Sustainable Farmers

Developing a Community Reinvestment Plan for SAILCARGO

2018 (Advisor: Professor Belz)

Developing an Integrated Organic Waste Management System

Promoting Carbon Neutrality

Designing a Marketing Plan for Rural Tourism in Costa Rica