2011 – 2020 Select Projects Links

Each year we have about 6 teams in San Jose, Costa Rica. Each team produces a final report, which is linked below on the title.

Monteverde projects are linked separately in the tab.


Designing a Sustainable Shrimping Policy for Costa Rica

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Understanding the Status of Women in Costa Rica

Creating a Lab for Fire Protection Analysis

Exploration of A Robot Development Program for the Costa Rican Fire Department

Developing an Earthquake and Fire Response Plan

An Analysis of the Sustainability Efforts of the Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamericano


A Carbon Footprint Study of the Center of Science and Culture in San Jose, CR

Plan for the Improvement of Water Treatment in Emergencies P1170898 - Copy - web

Determining the Feasibility of a Plastic Reduction Certification Program

Charging the Battery Power Revolution

Analyzing Economic and Social Impacts of NFPA 101 Life Safety Code in Costa Rica

Determining the Feasibility of a Bee Honey Value Chain



  1. Designing a Sustainable Water Supply Network for El Cuerpo de Bomberos Training Practice20160312_082932
  2. Helping Vital Voices Impact More Women — Developing an Online 
  3. Mentoring Platform
  4. Fostering Social Entrepreneurship in Latin America by Analyzing VIVA Idea’s Online Content and Audience
  5. Solar Energy Guide A tool for promoting self-generated energy within Costa Rican Industries
  6. Analyzing the Implications of a Green Tax on Single-Use Waste Plastics in Costa Rica
  7. Localization of Monteverde’s Economy


  1. Developing Guid8392873337_29bc149f46_bance for the Costa Rican Fire Department (BCBCR) on Successful Wildlife Management
  2. Recommending Environmental Indicators and Identifying Common Barriers to Their Use for Companies in Costa Rica
  3. Developing a Mobile Education Workshop to Reconnect Costa Rican Youth with Their Environment
  4. Improving Waste Removal and Reduction on Playa Pacuare
  5. Addressing Social Concerns through the Corporate Social Responsibility Activities of the Centro Cientifico Tropical
  6. Developing Permaculture Systems Through Community Programs


  1. Matching Supply and Demand in the Responsible Fishing Supply Chain Based in Costa de Pájaros 
  2. An Analysis of Environmental Certifications for Costa Rica
  3. Assessing Fire Risk at Guanacaste Conservation Area, Costa Rica 20160416_123439_Richtone(HDR) - Copy
  4. The Application of Drones in the Costa Rican Fire Department
  5. Developing an Agro-ecotourism Route in Copey de Dota
  6. Examining the Development of Nature-Urban Routes in San José, Costa Rica 
  7. Innovative Education and Classroom Design at Colegio Tecnico Profesional de Santa Ana



  1. Improving Traceability Systems: A Study of the Fishing Communities of Palito and Costa de Pájaros
  2. Community Environmental Education Program in Samara
  3. Water Supply System Management and Risk Assessment in P1170895 cropsmthe Municipality of Cartago
  4. Structure Fire Gas Emissions



  1. Establishing socioeconomic baselines for sustainable fishing communities
  2. Investigating the potential of plantation pochote as a lumber source
  3. Environmental Certification in Costa Rica
  4. Green job preparation in Costa Rica


  1. Assessing Sustainable Industrial Park Models
  2. Designing a Central Resource for Environmental Management in Costa Rica
  3. Environmental and Fire Protection in Marinas and Ports
  4. A Feasibility study of a biodiesel plant in Cartago
  5. From Poverty to Prosperity – applying commercial techniques to subsistence fishing communities
  6. An investigation of wastewater management options for the community of Fatima
  7. Mala Noche river estuary – assessing and raising community awareness
  8. Marketing the assets of the Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad
  9. Waste Management in Squatter Communities