Research Staff

Victoria Vaccarezza

PhD Candidate
Paint Sludge

    Glenn Beersaerts

    PhD Candidate
    Optimization of Concrete Mixtures for 3D Printing

      Himanshu Tanvar

      PhD Candidate
      Processing of Bauxite Residue for Value Recovery

        Akanksha Gupta

        PhD Candidate
        Optimized Sorting and Separation Techniques for
        Product-centric Material Recycling or Reclaimed Scrap

          Annelies Malfliet

          Research Expert, KU Leuven, Dept. Materials Engineering
          Online Slag and Bullion Analysis by LIBS

            Hyunsoo Jin

            PhD Candidate
            Copper Separation from Steel

              Palan Subramanian

              Post Doctoral Fellow
              Electro-Oxidation of Metals & Inorganics in Metallurgical Operations

                Rami Chukka

                Post Doctoral Fellow
                Online Moisture Analysis of Heterogeneous Material Flow

                  Evody Tshijik Karumb

                  PhD Candidate
                  Vacuum Distillation of Complex Lead Bullion

                    Samuel Asante

                    PhD Candidate
                    Alternative Fluxes for Lead Refining