NACE Article Highlight – Effective Campus Branding

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Companies of all sizes must be conscious of how they convey their brands on college campuses. Here at WPI, we have many conversations with employers about the best ways to develop brand awareness in a college population that is consistently turning over. A recent survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) shed some light on how employers are using branding strategies on college campuses.

The 2015 NACE Recruiting Benchmarks Survey found that employers are seeking both short- and long-term results from their branding strategies. About half of respondents wanted their marketing efforts to create immediate results and drive up application numbers. Many respondents also indicated that they were focused on creating several touch points with students, showing a desire to have an established brand on campus in the long term.

A recent article on the NACE website, “Comparing Branding Activities by Industry,” (login required) highlighted a finding from the survey indicating that career fairs are the most effective and widely used branding strategy. Given the desire of employers to have both high-volume touches and immediate applications, this finding is not surprising. According to NACE research reports over the past few years, career fairs continue to be the most frequently used service and one of the most effective techniques for reaching students.

The survey also found that employers have success with additional recruiting methods including hosting information sessions, building relationships with faculty, and supporting events and activities of student groups. In particular, companies in STEM industries more frequently supported student groups. Beyond the direct means of recruitment, employers also used indirect recruiting activities including their own websites, college websites (sponsorship), social media, and other advertising venues.

Ultimately, face-to-face interactions are the most effective branding activities that employers can use on campus. The WPI Career Development Center can help you blend these branding strategies as a package through sponsorship opportunities. For more information about sponsorship contact Dave Ortendahl, Director of Corporate Relations, at For more information about career fairs and other recruiting services, please call us at 508-831-5260.

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