Off Shore Wind Farming in Maine

This is a little bit late but in regards to what we talked about last Tuesday here are some articles about wind farming in Maine. When I was touring colleges last year, I toured the University of Maine and one of the things they took us to see was the ‘indoor ocean’ that they made. It was a giant wave pool that could simulate 100 foot waves and winds of over 200 mph. Because this wave pool can simulate some of the worst storm conditions, many research companies use it to test the strength of off shore wind, tidal and wave energy facilities. Along with this the University of Maine is sponsoring a research team called “Maine Aqua Ventus 1, GP, LLC”. This research team is working on a project called “New England Aqua Ventus 1” where they are developing wind turbines that will float off shore of south of Menhegan Island in Maine. The two links talk more about both the indoor ocean and offshore wind project.


Floating Offshore Wind in Maine


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