Hate Paying For Gas? See How Much You Can Save Your Wallet And The Environment By Going Electric

Let’s face it – nobody likes paying for gas. One day you go to the gas station you pay this much, and the next day you pay more. Instead of dealing with fluctuating gas prices, why not go electric and pay the same amount every time you charge your car? Use the first calculatorĀ to see how much you are paying yearly right now for gas, then use the second calculator to compare to if you switched to electric today. View prices for all states and see how your state compares to others! See why going electric for your next car is both wallet friendly and environmentally friendly!

Calculators were made using average miles per gallon (mpg) and Kw/H per 100 mile ratings for gas and electric cars respectively. Average cost per gallon and cost per Kw/H by state were also used for calculations.

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