Due to enthusiastic interest from students and faculty alike, the Iceland Project Center was created in 2017.  The first year (2018) it hosted three teams of students and one advisor, growing to a full six teams and two advisors in 2019.  The COVID-19 pandemic certainly had an impact on our work, but we have had robust IQP travel in the last two years, with 6 teams each term (A22 and A23) working with sponsors throughout Reykjavik.

Since its establishment, the project center has worked with a wide variety of project sponsors in industries from transportation to public sector governance to arts and culture.  Each A Term, students travel to Iceland at the end of the summer, as the tourist season dies down and the days grow shorter, to work on projects in the areas of sustainability, culture, local governance, and ecology.  Summaries of these projects can be found to the left.