Crystal H. Brown

Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Science and Policy Studies

Items found in Crystal Brown's office

In each issue of the Journal we introduce you to members of the faculty through items they have in their offices.

1. Borgen DVD Set

Borgen is a drama from Denmark about a woman who unexpectedly becomes prime minister. My dissertation compared immigration and integration in Scandinavian countries—this series, and travel there, showed me more about the countries and the people.

2. Plant

My partner gave me this little fake plant. These never die, sort of like love. The vase these are in came from a trip we took through France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, and it reminds me of that time.

Crystal Brown

Crystal Brown

3. Plaque

When I came to WPI in 2019, I had to decorate my office, and this spoke to me. I try to truly inspire my students.

4. Sisters

This photo is of me and two of my older sisters (I am one of eight and also a twin) at my brother’s wedding in 2021. We are being goofy, and it was the first time my family got together since the beginning of the pandemic.

5. Doll

I got this doll in South Korea during my first trip to Southeast Asia. I love Korean culture. I grew up in the most diverse neighborhood in Chicago—eating kimchi and Korean food at friends’ houses and even watching Korean soap operas. It’s part of who I am.

6. Illustration

This is Gurko Street in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. Bulgaria had a significant impact on me—this was a beautiful old cobblestone street with restaurants and shops that I would go to all the time.

7. Bulgarian Paddle

I spent three and a half years in the Peace Corps in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, and this is one item I brought back. Bulgaria changed my world view. I taught English to college students there and that experience inspired me to become a college professor.

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