John McNeill

John A. McNeill Named Bernard M. Gordon Dean of Engineering

John A. McNeill, PhD, a longtime faculty member in electrical and computer engineering whose excellence in teaching has been recognized numerous times, has been named the Bernard M. Gordon Dean of Engineering. McNeill, who joined WPI in 1994, began his career working for Bernard Gordon, an inventor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and former member of the WPI Board of Trustees. McNeill has been serving as the interim dean since September 2018.

“John McNeill is a dynamic educator and a respected leader, attuned to what both industry and the world need—namely, globally focused and creative problem solvers from across disciplines who will work together to make the world and people’s lives better in tangible ways,” says Provost Winston “Wole” Soboyejo. “This is challenging and meaningful work that requires hands-on leadership, creativity, collaboration, mutual respect, and endurance. John delights in teaching, and he inspires that same joy and excellence in others.”

While WPI has been well known for its engineering excellence since its founding, the School of Engineering was established just 11 years ago and is now one of four schools—including the School of Art & Sciences, The Business School, and The Global School. Each school embraces and extends the university’s half-century of leadership in global project-based education and its dynamic research ecosystem that draws steadily increasing levels of funding and works with a diverse array of partners to understand and solve the world’s technological and societal problems.

“I didn’t think it was possible to have a better job than that of professor, but serving as WPI’s Gordon Dean of Engineering is the opportunity of a lifetime, especially because it brings my career full circle,” says McNeill. “Bernie Gordon was an important influence who taught me that being an engineer meant working for the benefit of people—and that my work as an engineer needed other people’s talents and commitment in order to have the most value. He helped me understand the importance of collaboration and mutual respect for true success.”

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