Peter Hansen

Professor of History and International and Global Studies

Items in Peter Hansen's office

In each issue of the Journal we introduce you to members of the faculty through items they have in their offices.

Peter Hansen

Peter Hansen

1. Soccer Ball
I love classes on global sports and projects on the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Scoring a “goal” with SDGs feels like winning the World Cup of theory and practice!

2. Tibetan Prayer Flags
Flags fluttering in the wind release auspicious prayers for health, fortune, compassion, and peace in the Himalayas and beyond.

3. Lyon Lion
A dynamic city and capital of gastronomy, Lyon offers great projects, a taste of the French art of living, and the Alps on the horizon.

4. The Summits of Modern Man
This book was the culmination of decades of research around the world on mountaineering and modernity since the first recorded ascent of Mont Blanc in the 18th century.

5. Battle for the Himalayas DVD
I’ve appeared on several BBC television shows. This one was about filmmakers on Mount Everest.

6. Maps
A lifelong map geek, I look for old-school maps at project centers. They’re handy when your phone battery runs down.

7. Presiding Genius of the Place
A change agent and first dean of undergraduate studies, Bill Grogan brought the WPI Plan to life in 1970, launching project-based learning around the world.

Peter Hansen is a professor of history and international and global studies.

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