Alumni Association President Paula Delaney

Q&A with Alumni Association President Paula (Fragassi) Delaney ’75

What does your role as president entail?

The Alumni Association acts as a voice and advocate for the alumni body. We work to help our alumni become involved with WPI and connect with each other in support of the university. 

What will you focus on during your term as president?

We have learned over the past year that through online presentations and meetings we are able to connect with a much broader base of alumni. WPI has been able to interact with our constituents from around the world, sharing information on a variety of topics, such as current activities on campus, new faces, new programs, student projects, and numerous topics of general interest. I will work to find ways to leverage these activities and continue strengthening these relationships with all our alumni.

What goals have you set for your term as president?

It’s important to maintain and expand the variety of the programs and initiatives serving our alumni and students. It’s through these interactions that we can foster continuing interest and alumni support to WPI. Also, we will continue to build our support of WPI’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives in helping the university set standards and expectations for a campus environment that is accepting and welcoming to all. 

Can you describe your time as a student at WPI and how it shaped you as a person?

I was a student in the first class admitted under The Plan; we were part of a new experiment. Faculty, administrators, student services, and campus leaders were all immersed in helping us navigate the hurdles of new courses, individually paced instruction, seven-week terms, new grading systems, off-campus projects, and more. It was a time without cell phones, calculators, or the internet. Yet, it was also much the same as today. We became problem solvers, with shared successes and failures. We worked side by side to learn what we needed to accomplish, and we faced each hurdle with creativity and confidence that we could work out a way forward. These are the opportunities and experiences that we all have had, that have helped shape us in our approaches to careers and our lives. 

Why is staying connected with your alma mater important to you?

As both an alumna and a former employee of WPI, I have made many friends on the Hill. I am fortunate to have met and worked with many alumni leaders from the classes of the 1960s to today. It is energizing and rewarding to continue to refresh those connections, and learn about the ongoing research and project experiences of the students and faculty of today.   

What is your message to WPI alumni who havent yet found a way to get involved with WPI after graduating?

You can find links for more information on alumni groups and volunteer opportunities at We also send out regular campus updates and event information in The Bridge newsletter and, of course, the WPI Journal.  

Is there anything else youd like to share?

As alumni, we look back at our time on campus with fond memories of our experiences, and our friendships. If possible, please plan on visiting campus for future Homecoming and Reunion celebrations. Remember: You always have a home on the Hill.

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