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The Never-Ending Crisis

An illustration depecting elements from WPI's efforts to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic posed an existential threat to the WPI community. This is the story, told in 13 chapters (three of which you will find only here on the digital home of the Journal), of the process and the people behind WPI’s response to this monumental challenge.

How was it done? First, it was a matter of thoughtful preparation and sound planning. For having built an emergency response infrastructure well before the virus arrived, the university was prepared to mount a comprehensive, coordinated, and data-driven response—one that involved the entire campus.

Second, it was accomplished with foresight, perseverance, and care for others. For it was only by staying ahead of the curve, acting with intelligence and compassion, and always putting the health and safety of the community (our North Star) first, that WPI was able to weather the storm and emerge a smarter and better institution.

Stories include:

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