Tim Loew

Tim Loew, executive director of MassDigi

Tim Loew is executive director of the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute, or MassDigi, which joined WPI earlier this year. Since its founding in 2011, MassDigi has collaborated on the launch of more than 30 games and provides a supportive, well-connected environment for students to gain invaluable experience, network with professionals in the video game industry, explore game development jobs, and build and hone their skills.

What is your role at WPI?

A decade ago, when MassDigi first got going, our role was to foster entrepreneurship, academic cooperation, and economic development across the state’s games ecosystem. Since that time, our efforts have primarily focused on collaborating with students and faculty, start-ups, and established studios in Massachusetts to support the sector and its success.

At WPI, given the institution’s tremendous capacity, we expect our role to grow in both scope and scale, allowing us to collaborate more deeply not only throughout New England, but across the country and around the world, particularly in areas beyond entertainment such as healthcare, education, and training.

Why do you think MassDigi and WPI are such a good match?

We could not have been more fortunate than to have found a new home at WPI. Between WPI’s highly regarded interactive media and game development program and its commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship, we’re a great combination. The global games market continues to grow exponentially.

How is MassDigi positioned to lead the way and meet the demands of this fast-moving industry?

The cultural, technological, and economic impact of games is really quite amazing. More people in more places connect through play––be it online or across a table––than through nearly any other shared human experience. As sprawling as games are, and as fast-moving as the game industry is, we feel that, given the quality and range of our relationships, we are always on top of key trends, changes, and advances.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

As executive director, the best part of my day comes when I have the chance to see and hear about what students are thinking about and working on. The vibrancy and energy that come from being around young people on their way up are unbeatable.

What is your vision for MassDigi?

The game development process is an iterative one and we have used that same approach when shaping our vision. We are always looking to learn and improve, and our vision will always reflect that dynamism. That said, one thing is for sure, being at WPI means our future is brighter than ever.

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