University Opens New Respiratory Clinic

Continuing to focus on the health and safety of the WPI community, the university has opened a specialized Respiratory Clinic, relocated its Student Health Center, and added a facility for COVID-19 testing.

Fanciful illustration of the lungs as upside-down flowering tree branches

Located at 32 Hackfeld Road, formerly the site of WPI’s Student Health Center, the new clinic was created to focus solely on students presenting with any symptoms of illness, particularly symptoms suggestive of COVID-19. The idea is to separate symptomatic students from all those who have other health concerns or injuries. Staffed with two nurse practitioners and two registered nurses, it has air purifiers in each of its four exam rooms, along with a negative pressure room in which a lower air pressure allows outside air into the room; air flowing out of the room now passes through a filter.

The Student Health Center, where non-COVID-related issues are treated, has been relocated to 27 Hackfeld Road. With two exam rooms and four office spaces, it is staffed with a nurse and a nurse practitioner. The university also has set up a trailer in the parking lot next to 27 Hackfeld Road to expand its COVID-19 testing space. Health Services staff will direct individuals, by appointment, for additional testing, primarily for close contacts.

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