Meet the Team

Danielle Dodakian
Assistant Director, Enrollment


Danielle is here to help you make the best decision for yourself. Balancing everything in life and going back to school can be intimidating. However furthering your education in order to advance yourself in your career is an important step for your future. WPI graduate programs will offer you that opportunity, and Danielle will be there to make joining easy. Danielle will take the time to speak with you about the programs and your background to make sure you find the right fit. Contact Danielle at or +1 508-831-6912.

GregCesar_rdax_161x242Greg Cesar
Operations Manager

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Greg is the main point of contact for students who are pursuing a WPI education, providing guidance throughout their WPI educational journey, from application to graduation. Greg offers personalized assistance throughout the admission application process, can answer specific questions about course information, payment options, and needed textbooks, and supports students as they work towards completing their degree requirements. Greg can be reached at or +1 508-831-5856.


Peter “Pete” Huie
Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships

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Pete is the first point of contact for LMC management and employees who are looking to explore WPI’s range of educational programs. Pete has over 19 years of experience providing professional consulting services to individuals and corporations, and a proven track-record of building long-term relationships with clients. Customer satisfaction is Pete’s first priority and serves as the foundation of his management style. He is passionate about helping corporations and students achieve high levels of innovation and productivity through WPI’s educational programs. Pete can be reached at or +1 508-831-4917.