Systems Engineering (MS)

Modern engineering projects increasingly demand a combination of skills from various traditional engineering disciplines. WPI’s Master of Science in Systems Engineering is tailored for LMC engineers to provide the knowledge, skills and decision-making abilities to design, manage and lead complex projects.


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WPI – LMC MS In Systems Engineering – Recorded Webinar

With an introduction by LMC Engineering Leaders, you will learn details about the MS in Systems Engineering for LMC.



Improve your ability to:

  • Identify what customers/stakeholders want their systems to accomplish.
  • Analyze requirements, explore implementation alternatives, and design/engineer to minimize risks.
  • Develop integration, verification and validation strategies to confirm systems meet users’ needs.
  • Describe, design and develop hardware/software architectures for complex system functionality.
  • Minimize budget and schedule risks during system design and development.

Plan of Study (MS)

Core Requirements (15 credits)

  • SYS 501. Concepts of Systems Engineering*
  • SYS 510. Systems Architecture and Design
  • SYS 511. Systems Integration, Verification & Validation
  • OIE 542. Risk Management and Decision Analysis
  • SYS 585. Capstone Experience

Depth Requirements (6 credits)

  • SYS 540. Introduction to Systems Thinking
  • SYS 521. Model-Based Systems Engineering

Electives (6 credits) 

Leadership/Management Requirements (3 credits)

Note: The order of the courses listed above does not indicate the order in which they will be taken. Students will be notified about course schedules upon registering.

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*WPI’s updated SYS 501 course is approved for Academic Equivalency by the INCOSE Certification Advisory Group. WPI & INCOSE


  • Semesters: Fall, Winter, Spring
  • Delivery: Fully online, Asynchronous


  • Bachelors degree in computer science from a regional accredited program or a bachelors in engineering from an ABET accredited program, including undergraduate coursework in advanced calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations.
  • 3.0 GPA or higher.
  • GRE’s are not required.
  • WPI takes a holistic approach to their admissions process. If you do not meet the above standards, let’s chat about the best approach and next-steps.

To be an effective engineer, you need to be a system engineer.”

  – Mike Ambrose, Vice President Sikorsky Engineering & Technology