Puzzles and Myth Busters instead of Powerpoint on the first day of Suzanne LePage’s Transportation Engineering course

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photo of Prof LePageTo get students actively learning on the first day of my Traffic Engineering Course (CE 3050), I will not use my PowerPoint presentation that lists the various transportation modes, systems, and organizations involved in transportation engineering.  Instead, I will break them into groups of four and ask them to complete a crossword puzzle composed of key terms and acronyms.  They will receive homework credit for finishing in the allotted time.  We will then watch the Myth Busters test the difference between a four-way stop intersection and a roundabout.  After the video, I will ask students to review the syllabus and identify topics that were covered in the video (data collection, intersection design, etc.).  I will conclude class by explaining the format of the course and what they can expect for activities, assignments, and assessments throughout the term.


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