Applications to participate in the Collaborative for PBL will be considered based on the extent to which the team is likely to benefit and advance its project-based learning initiatives. Reviewers will also consider a number of other factors, such as institutional type and project focus, to ensure a group of participants who will complement and benefit from the opportunities to collaborate with each other.
Review the FAQs below for more details on the Collaborative.

The application for the 2023 Collaborative for Project-Based Learning is now open and the deadline to apply has been extended through March 6, 2023.

Application Schedule

Applications for the 2023 Collaborative for Project-Based Learning must be received by no later than March 6, 2023. Notifications regarding acceptance will be sent to teams no later than March 15, 2023.

Application Fee

The registration fee for the Collaborative will cover tuition, materials, and a dedicated coach who will work with you throughout the year. 
  • $5,500 per five-member team
  • $500 per additional team member beyond five

Application Requirements

Applicants should note the following requirements:
  • Each team must consist of a minimum of five members (including a designated leader) recommended from across disciplines and administration staff. A team’s institutional diversity helps facilitate implementing a comprehensive change in the curriculum and sustains the foundations of initiatives arising from work at the Collaborative.
  • If accepted, registration fees as outlined above apply.
  • Collaborative applicants are required to submit a goal or specific project they want to address at the Collaborative. Details on the application components and selection criteria can be found below.
  • Authorization to participate from the President or Chief Academic Officer of the institution is required. The applicant will need to submit the name and email address of this individual within the application form.

Application Components and Selection Criteria

Applicants to the Collaborative are expected to have specific projects they want to address and some identified goals they wish to achieve. Applicants are asked to explicitly address the following questions when formulating the narrative (maximum 2,000 characters with spaces will be allowed for each section below). Read more
What is the current state of project-based learning on your campus? What has motivated a desire for additional action related to project-based learning? Which aspects of project-based learning are you hoping to learn about and implement?
What do you expect your team to work on during the Collaborative for PBL?  Please identify 3-5 goals that, if advanced substantially, would lead your team and colleagues to judge your efforts a success.
In what ways do your team members reflect the opportunities for implementing project-based learning on your campus? How do they reflect the diversity and the various interest groups on your campus?  How will they support each other through the work of the Collaborative?
A key element of the Collaborative will be the opportunities to share questions, strategies, approaches and ideas with colleagues from other institutions. What perspective can your team bring to the Collaborative that will be of interest to other participants? Institutional coordinator contact information should also be available at the start of the application.

Application Questions

If you have any questions regarding the application form, please contact Sara Ringer at