Proven Pedagogy

Long a staple of STEM-based education, project-based learning is becoming a standard model across disciplines. Collaborative project activity, whether in or out of the classroom, gives students the tools to deepen their knowledge and apply their classroom learning to real-world issues.

Evidence shows the life-long benefits of this experiential, hands-on learning. Students involved in dynamic project activity gain lasting personal growth and enrichment, greater career satisfaction and engagement, and stronger alumni attachments.

Project-based Education for nearly 50 years

Since 1970, project-based learning has been the core of WPI’s undergraduate curriculum, known as the WPI Plan, providing students a professional and social context to apply their acquired skills and abilities.

Project-Based Learning Webinar Series

The webinar series Project-Based Learning (PBL) as a Vehicle for High-Impact Practices explores how institutions can reinvent opportunities for creating successful students by using project-based learning in service of high-impact practices.

The Power of Project-Based Learning in the First Year

In Project-Based Learning in the First Year: Beyond All Expectations, a publication released in early 2019, more than 10 WPI faculty and staff share the value of significant project-based work for first-year undergraduate students.

Project-Based Learning Podcast Series

In these two and half minute podcast segments, listeners will hear about research focused on the impact of project-based learning—whether in first year programs, in the workforce and more—as well as the dynamics of team-based projects.

Proven Life-long Project Impact

WPI’s distinctive project-based educational model has been praised by the most recognized and valued resources in the academic world, as well as by those who know the benefits of a WPI education first hand — WPI students and alumni.