Collaborative Framework

Goals That Evolve With You

Teams participating in the Collaborative for Project-Based Learning (PBL) will be asked to provide goal statements in proposals which will be refined in the first session with the aid of a dedicated coach and peer learning in clusters of two to three peer institutions. Two sessions during the academic year—mid-fall and mid-year—will provide just-in-time support to Collaborative members as goals evolve in the face of real-world challenges.

Guided PBL Exploration and Implementation

Each team will be assigned a dedicated coach with expertise in PBL and pedagogical development. Coaches will prompt discussion by asking critical questions and provide dedicated support tailored to teams and team members. Each coach has first-hand knowledge designing PBL course assignments and facilitating projects with students. PBL experts will also facilitate workshops on PBL in the disciplines, culturally responsive and asset-based PBL practices, and other strategies critical to strong PBL pedagogy. As teams discuss their goals and workshop experiences, they may spark new ideas, leading to experimentation and creative problem-solving.

Collaborating Within and Across Institutions

Collaborative members from across a diverse array of institutions will come together three times a year to share their learning and to troubleshoot problems of practice. Many participants will join with a team from their institution to tackle new initiatives such as piloting PBL in a set of courses, program redesign, and creating first-year programs. Teams will be expected to work on developing action plans, implementing PBL, reflecting on progress and needs, and other ways of advancing PBL in between Collaborative sessions.