Arthur C. Heinricher

Art Heinricher is a Professor of Mathematical Sciences and Dean of Undergraduate Studies. As dean, he is responsible for the continued assessment and improvement of the university’s undergraduate program. He guided the creation of the Great Problems Seminar and has helped develop programs to expand project work throughout more of the academic programs on campus. Heinricher is also a member of the steering committee for the Institute on Project-Based Learning. He created WPI’s Test Kitchen, an independent project network that provides support for students seeking opportunities for innovative project work outside their classes. In an effort to feed their innovative and entrepreneurial spirits, Heinricher has also created a means for students to improve upon their academically based projects and to help foster and guide student inventors and innovators toward patents and the commercialization of their ideas. Heinricher has also facilitated the use of WPI student projects as the core of professional development programs for high school and middle school teachers.