PBL Webinar Part 1 of 3: Reinventing Courses

Watch Part 1 of Our PBL Webinar Series

Did you miss part one of our three-part PBL webinar series? You’ve come to the right place! We encourage you to have a listen below or share with colleagues who may be interested in learning more.

In this part one of a three part webinar series held by WPI in partnership with the Chronicle of Higher Education, speakers representing a large public college and a private research university will share approaches they have used to strengthen project-based learning at the pedagogical level, and the benefits they have seen from doing so. The experiences of these faculty members and administrators from institutions that differ so greatly in size and mission can serve as a resource to participants as they reflect on their own contexts and the challenges and opportunities for project-based learning.

Download the Key Takeaway Report of PBL Webinar 1

In this webinar brief, Michael Anft—Chronicle of Higher Education contributor and webinar moderator—provides key highlights and speaker takeaways that examines how project-based courses can offer high-impact learning opportunities on diverse college campuses. Download the report to learn more.

Meet the Speakers From Part 1 of the PBL Webinar:

Kris Wobbe
Center for Project-Based Learning
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Betsy Barre
Executive Director
Center for the Advancement of Teaching
Wake Forest University
Michael Reese
Director of Program Development
RISE Learning Institute
Bellevue College
Mike Anft
Chronicle Contributor

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