PBL Webinar Part 2 of 3: Reinventing Programs

View Part 2 of Our PBL Webinar Series

Interested in learning about the impact of project-based learning on programs? Check out part two of our PBL webinar series and share with fellow colleagues.

In the second of a three part PBL webinar series held by WPI in partnership with the Chronicle of Higher Education, panelists from institutions who have incorporated project-based learning into programs will discuss how PBL not only helped them make their programs more distinctive, but how it helped them create more cohesive integrative learning experiences. Listeners will gain fresh ideas on how they can use project-based learning to help both faculty and students in their programs think more critically, creatively, and innovatively, and, ultimately, learn more deeply.

PBL Webinar 2 Key Takeaway Report–Download Now

Webinar moderator Michael Anft—Chronicle of Higher Education contributor—provides a summary of key speaker takeaways in this report that highlights how institutions can reinvigorate a wide range of programs by infusing PBL courses into them. Learn more by downloading the report today.

Meet the Speakers From Part 2 of the PBL Webinar:

Richard-Vaz Headshot Richard Vaz
Center for Project-Based Learning
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Patrick Hayden-Roy Headshot Patrick Hayden-Roy
Associate Provost of Integrative and Experiential
Learning and Professor of History
Nebraska Wesleyan University
Juan-Lucena Headshot Juan Lucena
Director of Humanitarian Engineering
Undergraduate Education and Outreach and
Professor of Engineering, Design and Society
Colorado School of Mines
Mike Anft
Chronicle Contributor

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Did You Miss Our First PBL Webinar?

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