Identification, Cataloging, and Comparison of Wild Type Yeasts Found in Various Environments

This research focuses on applying chemical engineering tenets to designing biology; specifically, rewiring the metabolism of yeasts and fungi to produce interesting molecules. His group uses techniques from metabolic engineering, protein engineering, synthetic biology, and bioinformatics to rewire yeasts faster and more effectively. Ultimately, this work will develop improved, sustainable production methods for fuels, chemicals, materials, and medicines. This impacts the health and energy sectors, but primarily creates sustainable use of resources through engineering biosynthetic processes.

Faculty Advisor: Eric Young | WPI (Chemical Engineering, Biology & Biotechnology)

Teacher Component: Teachers will be trained in DNA cloning, microbial growth, and flow cytometry. They will be involved in creating genetically engineered yeast to produce new proteins and be exposed to analytical techniques to characterize genetic engineering. They will also contribute to developing learning outcomes and curricula for cutting-edge synthetic biology techniques.