2022 Research Projects

Research Project Faculty Mentor In-Service
Genetically Engineering a Plasmid to Develop a Live-Dead Reporter System in Mycolicibacterium smegmatis Scarlet Shell
(Biology & Biotechnology / BBT)
Rebecca Cooke
(HS Bio, Douglas)
Elizabeth Lemay
(BBT, HS Bio)
Real-time Brain Sensing for Personalized Learning Environments Erin Solovey
(Computer Science / CS)
Joseph Lima
(MS STEM, Ashland)
Anna Eng
(ME, MS Math)
Waste Not, Want Not: Catalytic Conversion of Food Waste into Renewable Fuel Mike Timko
(Chemical Engineering / CHE)
Jessica Racine
(HS Bio & Chem, Doherty)
Joelis Velez Diaz
(CHE, HS Chem)
Inexpensive Terahertz Technologies for Moisture Sensing Doug Petkie
(Physics / PH)
Anna Valdez
(MS Math & Science, Duxbury)
Simon Rees
(PH, HS Physics)
Identification, Cataloging, and Comparison of Wild Type Yeasts Found in Various Environments Eric Young
(Chemical Engineering / CHE)
Callista Perry
(MS Science, Sullivan)
Claire Behning
(BBT, HS Bio)


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