2024 Research Projects

Research Project
Faculty Mentor
Pre-Service Participant
In-Service Participant

Engineering Bench-Top Testing of Interventional Devices for Cardiovascular Diseases

Yihao Zheng
(Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Biomedical Engineering / MME, RBE & BME)

Sam Simmons
(WPI Management Information System / MS Math)

Jayne Kerner
(F.A. Day MS / Newton MS Science)

Bioinspired Harvesting Calcium from Water for Cement and Concrete

Ron Grimm
(Chemistry & Biochemistry / CHE & BCHE)

Allison Morin
(WPI Chemistry / HS Chemistry)

Stephanie Korunow
(South HS / Worcester HS Chemistry)

Genetically Engineering a Plasmid to Develop a Live-Dead Reporter System in Mycolicibacterium smegmatis

Scarlet Shell
(Biology & Biotechnology / BBT)


Abigail Prisby
(Groton-Dunstable HS / HS Biology )

Using Microscopic Worms to Understand Health-Associated Issues

Jagan Srinivasan
(Biology & Biotechnology / BBT)


Rebecca Cooke
(Douglas High School / HS Biology)

Waste-to-Energy: Engineering Feedstocks for a Circular Economy

Andrew Teixeira
(Chemical Engineering / CHE)

Demetrios Kennedy
(WPI Chemistry / HS Chemistry)

Jay Turner
(South HS / Worcester HS Chemistry)

Development of Miniaturized Noninvasive Blood Gas Monitors

Ulkuhan Guler
(Electrical & Computer Engineering / ECE)

Genesis Bernabel
(WPI Electrical Engineering / HS Physics)

James Sheehan
(Leominster HS / HS Physics)

Photocatalysts for Clean Energy and Environment

Pratap M. Rao
(Mechanical & Materials Engineering)


Meredith Leighton
(Ranyham MS / MS Science)




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