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WPI’s Sustainability Laboratory for Living & Learning (SL3)

SL3 – Overview

SL3: A virtual laboratory that supports and promotes an engaged campus community in all three aspects of sustainability – environmental stewardship, economic security, and social justice.

Through the Office of Sustainability, SL3 aligns its activities with various aspects of the campus community including:

  • Academic Programs
  • Project Work
  • Innovative Research & Scholarship

Moreover, SL3 collaborates with community engagement, facilities, & operations. This comprehensive approach aims to promote sustainability not just as an academic pursuit but as an integral part of daily living and learning. The goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals within the local, regional, and global communities.

SL3 – Using this Website

WPI’s SL3 website serves as a guide for students, faculty, and the broader community to explore resources and activities associated with the Sustainability Living and Learning Laboratory. Visitors are encouraged to explore various menu items, consider potential projects, and engage in activities with sustainability. For inquiries or further information, please contact us at

SL3 – A Dedicated Campus Space

The Office of Sustainability is planning on dedicating a physical SL3 space on campus as a hub for nurturing sustainability initiatives. This space would host:

  • Student, staff, and faculty collaboration on sustainability projects
  • Sustainability club activities and meetings
  • Student initiatives programs such as EcoReps & Sustainable Solutions Collaborative
  • Office of Sustainability Student Interns

Your input is key! Help shape the idea of this space to meet your needs. You are encouraged to reach out to share your thoughts.