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WPI’s Sustainability Laboratory for Living & Learning (SL3)

SL3 – Overview

SL3: A virtual laboratory that supports and promotes an engaged campus community in all three aspects of sustainability – environmental stewardship, economic security, and social justice.

Through the Office of Sustainability, SL3 activities are coordinated with efforts to integrate our …

  • academic programs
  • project work
  • innovative research & scholarship

with community engagement, facilities, & operations. By promoting sustainability in the ways that we live and learn, we strive to have a significant positive impact on our everyday lives and the lives of those in our local, regional, and global communities.

SL3 – Using this Website

This site is intended to help guide WPI students, faculty, and other community members to the various resources and activities associated with the Sustainability Living and Learning Laboratory.  We encourage you to review the various menu items and consider potential projects or ways that you can join in with the activities.  You are welcome to contact us at if you have questions.  

SL3 – Using the Dedicated Campus Space

The location in Gordon Library’s Room 316 is the dedicated hub for related SL3 activities. It strives to create an open and collaborative space for the WPI community to work on advancing sustainable efforts, both on and off campus!

Available use for:

  • Sustainability-related staff and faculty
  • Sustainability student interns
  • SL3 project teams
  • Sustainability club activities and meetings

For more information about SL3 or to inquire about access to SL3’s meeting space, please contact

3rd Floor Gordon Library