WPI is currently exploring many new and unique opportunities for transportation. These include electric vehicles, WPI’s bike share program, and a variety of projects on transportation. Much of the transportation options provided by WPI are free for students.

The Gompei’s Gears Bike Share Program began as an IQP project and is still in use for the WPI community. Students and faculty can register with the program and sign out a bike for up to 12 hours at a time.

WPI Transportation

Besides the bike share, there are the Gateway Shuttle and Price Chopper Shuttle that run between different parts of campus and the surrounding Worcester area. Also available for the safety of the WPI community is the Student Night Assistance Patrol (SNAP) which are vans that run during night hours. Students can also ride in or drive a car through Carpool World and WPI’s Zipcars. Carpool World is a free carpool matching service and WPI’s Zipcars can be reserved by WPI students. WPI’s Zipcars have their own free charging stations.