NATO Workshop




NATO Advanced Research Workshop in Nanotechnology to Aid Chemical and Biological Defence

September 22-26, 2014

Rixos Downtown Hotel

Antalya, Turkey

The NATO Science for Peace and Security Program has identified Defense against CBRN Agents and Environmental Security as key priority areas.  Nanomaterials and nanotechnology can play a vital role in the detection and decontamination of chemical and biological threat agents. They also can be used in protective technologies. The ability to control matter on an atomic and/or molecular scale provides new opportunities to use materials. The area of sensing is a particularly relevant example in which nanotechnology can be useful, by exploiting the unique properties and phenomena exerted by matter at the nano-scale. Rather than just thinking in terms of miniaturization of sensors and devices, it is possible to imagine entirely new technologies that are developed to exploit novel nano-scale phenomena. Combining nanotechnology with biomolecular systems, we have the power of nanobiotechnology to achieve improved detection, decontamination and protection against chemical and bio-agents.

The purpose of this ARW will be to bring together a diverse group of international civilian researchers focused on nanoscience and nanotechnology problems that are relevant to chemical and biological defence needs, in order to share the state-of-the-art in the field, identify accomplishments, and to discuss the challenges and opportunities present in the field. The work discussed here will form a blueprint for researchers in the area of nanotechnology for chemical and biological defense, especially for future research in detection, decontamination and protection.

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NATO Advanced Research Workshop, September 2014



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NATO Workshop Opening Reception





Invited Speakers:

Title and Name Institution Country
Professor Terri Camesano Worcester Polytechnic Institute USA
Dr. N. Chanisvili IBMV Tbilisi Georgia
Dr. Ario DeMarco University of Nova Gorica Slovenia
Dr. Mario Boehme TU Darmstadt Germany
Dr. Audrey Beaussart Université Catholique de Louvain Belgium
Dr. Jêrôme Duval Ecole Nationales Supérieure de Géologie France
Dr. Mladen Franko University of Nova Gorica Slovenia
Professor Perena Gouma SUNY Stony Brook USA
Dr. Roland Grunow Robert Koch Institut Germany
Professor Giorgi Kvesitadze Tbilisi State University and Georgia Technical University Georgia
Professor Raj Mutharasan Drexel University USA
Dr. Michele Penza ENEA, Brindisi Italy
Dr. Irena Ciglenecki-Jusic Institut Ruđer Bošković Croatia
Professor Sadunishvili Tinatin Durmishidze Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Agrarian University of Georgia Georgia
Dr. Polonca Trebse University of Nova Gorica Slovenia
Professor Monique van Hoek George Mason University USA
Professor David Wright Vanderbilt University USA
Dr Ahmet Ozgur Yazaydin University College London UK

*******This workshop is supported by the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme

*******Please note that all scholarships for financial support for the conference are full.

For information, please contact Professor Terri A. Camesano,


A preliminary program is available: NATO ARW Program2.