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About WPI

Worcester Polytechnic Institute is one of the nation’s earliest technological universities. Our founding motto in 1865 — Theory and Practice — continues to underlie our academic programs. WPI graduates emerge ready to take on critical challenges in science and technology, knowing how their work can impact society and improve the quality of life.

More about Robots at WPI:

The field of robotics is in almost every aspect of our lives—in the places we work, in our healthcare, even in our homes. For robotics, WPI is a recognized in many ways:

  • The first university in the nation to offer a BS in Robotics Engineering
  • The first to offer BS, MS, and PhD programs simultaneously
  • The first university ever to host and manage a NASA Centennial Challenge
  • An early and consistent support of the FIRST program (founded by alumnus Dean Kamen.) WPI has set the standard for high-class, low-cost robotics tournaments, managing at least seven each year.
  • Explore research topics, news coverage, and more at Every Day, Robots.

More about WPI’s Alumni:

WPI has a longstanding history of alumni that have been part of innovations in space. Watch the video.

More about WPI’s commitment to K-12 Students:

Nurturing the minds of students is commonplace at WPI. Our pre-college programs are designed to pique interest and expand knowledge in young minds. K-12 students can experience both summer and school year offerings ranging from summer day and overnight camps to campus tours, to introduction to science and engineering programs, to robotics and math competitions. Each (program, offering) is designed to capture the interest of the student, broaden their knowledge, and encourage them to explore. The possibilities are endless. Learn more…

More about WPI’s commitment to STEM Educators:

Armed with a team of experts and visionaries, the STEM Education Center helps address a critical shortage of math and science teachers and improves the preparedness of teachers in primary and secondary schools. Learn more…